Apple will be holding its next product event this coming September 9, 2015.

During this same event it is expected Cupertino will be launching a new iPhone, thought to be iPhone 6S and its counterpart iPhone 6S Plus.

As usual, Apple never reveals its plans ahead of the release of a new device and the same is happening with the next breed of iPhones. Even though many are positive that the company will be rolling out a new series of iPhones, there is little information available to them regarding what exact specifications will be in these devices.

Expanded capabilities for Siri

According to a company insider, it was revealed that some new functionality will be added to the platform’s digital assistant Siri. There is no precise information on the additional capabilities that Siri will come with when the new iPhones and iPads are launched during this coming event.

One major improvement that is expected to come along with Siri in iOS 9 is the ability to provide search results based on what users frequently search; a feature that is already offered on Google Now and Cortana.

Other expected improvements

According to industry insiders, there is still more to come when the new iPhone and iPhone Plus is introduced next month. One most talked-about speculation is that these devices will borrow a leaf from the Apple watch by introducing the Force Touch technology that helps in the use of force-sensitive touches on the device.

There is also news that the next series of iPhones might come with another new feature in the shape of animated wallpapers. However, just like most of the other rumored features, we cannot confirm anything about this feature.

As the day of the Apple product event nears, more speculations about the next iPad that the company will release have again begun flooding the web. Pundits believe that Cupertino will be rolling out a new iPad meant for businesses thanks to its large size. Furthermore, home entertainment will be taken to the next level as the company is planning on coming out with new TV set-top boxes.

Many have tried doing more with Siri, but this digital assistant has also been instructed to remain coy about the upcoming event. All it promises is that there will be a huge announcement during this event, adding that at the moment, it cannot deny or confirm any of the circulating rumors.

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