GTA 6 might hit the market in 2018 according to various hearsays, but don’t hold your breath as the due date might extend to 2020 given Rockstar’s history with GTA’s release series. It is known that the company is not rushing into anything and developers are taking their time.

As far as the game is concerned, it seems that a female character might be part of the storyline and she might posses the full US map that will serve as her guide for future assignments. But, there are some that strongly believe that this new game might involve pursuing a career. As for the part where one chases cars, this type of activity might roll in the big bucks, however the level of difficulty will also increase.

One thing is certain though, Rockstar hasn’t run out of ideas as back in 2013 the company claimed the following “We’ve got about 45 years worth of ideas we want to do. We don’t know what GTA 6 will be, but we’ve got some ideas… I don’t know how to describe it exactly – that we’d like to do, and we’ll pick the right ones, he concludes.”

In other news, GTA Online just got the Lowriders DLC and it might have another surprise in stored for its supporters, right around Halloween. Gamers are betting that the two automobiles, we are referring here to lurcher and btype 2 will be part of the game as well as a new limited edition weapon, moniker Flashlight. Of course, this update might also bring other fun Halloween trinkets such NPS or gruesome masks and machetes.

The 6th installment of Grand Theft Auto is presumed to reach Xbox, PCs and of course PlayStation. But until then, avid players can’t seem to get enough of GTA 5 which is available on all the latter platforms.

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  1. Four super simple and small things I really want from Grand Theft Auto 6:

    1. Not have NPC’s die so easily from either car collisions : I’m sure many people noticed that sometimes you would lightly run into either the back or front of another car, and the NPC’s head would die and fall into the horn? This was poorly executed in the game, and I hope that it is something that they will change for the next version. If you run into someone, even at 25 mph (front or rear collision), that will not cause someone to instantly die.

    2. Another thing that really annoyed me was that after DLC started being released for GTA 5, some of that content was automatically given to a player for free even when starting a brand new game. So, that car garage for storing cars that each individual player initially had to purchase on there own was given to you for free right from the get go, along with dozens of free DLC cars. They also did this with weapons: where when the game was released, you had no weapons and had to start from scratch, now, if someone purchased the game, or if I started a new game myself, I would start with an arsenal of guns. This really takes away from the experience in my opinion, and I’m all for free DLC cars, as long my character, at some point in time has to purchase them in order to have them added to the catalog in my garage; same with the weapons.

    3. Please make it so that we can earn more money along the way so that we can purchase more properties and items as we go. GTA 5’s story mission was characterized by a ton of missions that we did not get paid for (because of having to work for the FIB). They made up for that by having the huge score at the end, that you could then parlay into billions via the assassination missions, but the way the game was setup, you really were not able to purchase much property at all until after the story missions are completed. I hope for the next iteration, that they allow more direct or alternative means of making money so that there are more purchasing options, property and otherwise, before the end of the game.

    4. Last but not least, if you are literally out in the middle of nowhere and commit a crime with nobody else around to see or hear you, there is no way you should get wanted stars…at least that easily. When you’re in an urban area, completely understandable, especially with witnesses and cell phones and such. But I found it extremely annoying in GTA 5 how you could have nobody around you, let off a grenade or accost the lone 3 people in the area, and the police would somehow know about it.

    Four very small minute details…but are things that I felt were worthy bringing up, and hope that RockStar can see this and take them into consideration. Feel free to add comments on any one of them. 🙂


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