Instant messaging has with no doubt taken over the world of communication, taking the place of SMS and MMS.

Today, smartphone users depend on instant messengers to keep in touch with their loved ones regardless of their location on earth. This is true because unlike SMS and MMS that heavily relied on a user’s airtime, instant messengers only need an internet connection for them to relay messages from point A to point B.

In the wake of the growing love for instant messaging as well as its importance in other services, different online platforms have resolved to integrate the instant messaging aspect into their services. Facebook has been there, something that led to the birth of Facebook Messenger. Google has also been there, thisled to the birth of GTalk, which later was replaced by Google Hangouts, and the list goes on and on.

The latest entrant into this instant messaging space is the microbloggingand social networking site referred to as Tumblr. Starting today, users of this social networking site can easily take part in private instant messaging with a friend. Since it is just coming, Tumblr has gone from a very simple and basic start where users can only text without going into other stuff such as emojis, stickers or even attaching files.

Tumblr instant messaging feature available on invite-only basis

According to a Tumblr insider, users of this feature should expect more to come shortly, among them ability to share media and posts from the main platform. However, there is a bad side of things as the company said that this feature is currently available to only 1, 500 accounts. On the contrary, you can still get the feature activated by asking any of your friends with the feature already working to send you a private message. In this way, instant messaging will now be active on your account as well.

Once the Tumblr instant messaging service is enabled for you, there is room for you to spread further it to other users who haven’t yet received by simply sending them a message.

So, if you are already using the Tumblr app, make sure you have updated to the latest version and after that, check the dashboard for a small smiley balloon icon. Click on it to send anyone a message and once the recipient receives the message, opening it will enable the feature on their app.

There is nothing to worry about just in case you can’t see the icon on your app or maybe you know no one on this social networking platform. The company has promised that all users of the platform will be able to access instant messaging in a few weeks’ time.

In a statement on its blog, Tumblr mentioned that the fan mail will change slightly where users will still see the old fan mail conversations, but initiating outgoing gems will need the use of the messaging feature.

Applications Tumblr Instant Messaging Feature Starts Rolling Out on Invite-Only Basis