The new Clash of Clans major update has finally been released. Supercell, the developer of this game, has changed the strategy in this game for good and we’re sure that many fans will enjoy it.

In order to update to the new Clash of Clans version, you will need to open the official store of the mobile device you are using and let it search for updates for this application.

One of the new changes that the new Clash of Clans version comes with is the Grand Warden, a new hero. This new hero is a long range mage that is also able to support his allies. With other words, Grand Warden’s Aura regenerates the health to any ally that is in its range.

At the same time, a new defensive structure called Eagle Artillery has been added and you can unlock it only after you update the Town Hall to level 11 (the new Town Hall max level).

The new Clash of Clans update comes with new levels for troops, such as Minions or Witches, along with new levels for the defensive units such as the Wizard Tower. Once you update your Clash of Clans to the latest version, you will notice that you can “donate” spells to other clan mates.

At the same time, the raids have been extended by 30 seconds, which means that you will have an extra time to destroy the village you are attacking. The reload costs for X-Bows and traps have been significantly reduced. Also, when you try to search for a new target using the “Next” button, you will notice that you will pay less than before. The goblins now do double damage to Clan Castles, Town Halls and the village map has been increased to 44×44.

As you can see, the new Clash of Clans update brought many changes and we’re sure that most of the fans of this game will enjoy them.


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