It is not the first time Hyatt is taking center stage when it comes to social media-based customer services.

The hotel has been here since 2009, but it is the first major hotel to enter the beta testing of Business on Messenger, a new Facebook tool that is aimed at delivering not just an effective customer support, but also a state-of-the-art way for brands to engage with customers through the Messenger app.

The Business on Messenger tool is a product of the F8 Conference that was held in March where the social media giant unveiled the Messenger Platform application meant to pave way for integration of businesses on the platform. Companies and business organizations will now find a new way of engaging with their customers through an app that most of them interact with on a daily basis.

Hyatt joins other brands that are currently using the new Facebook Business on Messenger, but as noted earlier, it is the only one from the hotel and travel industry.

The hunting game

In the current setting, businesses are hunting for the users as they have to follow them to the platforms they are using and in this case, Facebook Messenger is a top messaging and calling app that connects more than 700 million monthly.

With the case of Hyatt, users will not be required to like the company’s Facebook page or even befriend it. Instead, what one has to do is simply install the Messenger app, search for “Hyatt” from within the platform and the company’s name will pop up. From there, tap on it to initiate a conversation, maybe start a live chat with the Hyatt team or make reservations, among other things.

Technology has created several varying ways in which customers and businesses can interact or rather connect. With Messenger incorporated into Hyatt’s services, it will be easier to share transaction receipts, shipping updates, confirmations and many other important messages and other basic actions right from within a single conversation. The customer will also get these messages directly on their phone.

In short, Facebook Messenger brings an additional element that is significant to the hotel industry, where businesses not only enjoy a one-to-one engagement with customers like they would do on platforms such as WhatsApp, but they also enjoy more conversation as well as customer context during resolution, Paul Johns, who is the chief marketing officer of Conversocial, said.

It will be interesting to see how Hyatt’s customers will react to the new Facebook Messenger tool as far as connection is concerned.

Messaging Hyatt is Testing Business on Messenger: A New Customer Support Channel