Google’s Director for Consumer Hardware has teased us with some information about the upcoming Android 7.0 “N”. Andrew Bowers is leading the team that developed the Google Pixel C tablet and he was allowed by Google to say something about the next Android OS.

Andrew Bowers has taken the opportunity to share important details on Reddit about the Android 7.0 N, saying that his team is working on a lot of things right now for it, but he wasn’t very generous in giving too much information about the next version of this software. But it was enough that he told us that the “split screen is in the works”, which will be a great feature for Android tablets.

Bowers admitted that there are certain features in Android OS which should come pre-installed on the Pixel C tablet, but that’s another story and for now, the team is working hard on improving the operating system and eventually, they will decide upon the features that will make their way to Android 7.0 N. Currently, the team is trying to fix bugs and to enhance the performance of the current 6.0 Marshmallow, and they’ve already released version 6.0.1, which is starting to roll out to the Nexus devices, but the fans complained that it brought some problems and they want to downgrade.

Apple had a great idea to introduce the split screen functionality for its iPads, but soon enough, we’ll be able to run two applications, at the same time, on an Android tablet. This feature will be added to Android 7.0, not sooner, so, there’s plenty time until then, but we’re hoping that Google will announce the split screen capabilities, like Apple has done with its iOS 9. The iPad owners can use three distinct options such as Split View, Slide Over and Picture-in-Picture and most likely, Google will come up with something similar.

Bowers’s priority is to make the Pixel C tablet awesome, since it’s the tablet that has been built exclusively by Google, and not in collaboration with another manufacturer. And that’s why his team is working on new applications that will make more people buy the device, which costs $500.

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