Microsoft has recently shown its growing interest to make the enterprise world its main target with the new Windows 10.

The Windows maker unveiled 2-in-1 Surface Book laptop that it toutsas an enterprise product. This device comes in with capabilities of both a laptop and a tablet and boasts high-end specs and of course, it runs on the latest Windows 10 operating system. There is even much better news as the company’s virtual digital assistant Cortana has also been pushed further into this world thanks to a combination of its capabilities with those of the Power BI business intelligence and analytics service.

Now that Microsoft has integrated its Power BI service with Cortana, users of the former who have installed the new Windows 10 OS on their devices will have a much better way of interacting with their PCs. They will only need to talk to the PC, asking it any question oninformation contained in the business intelligence service’s repository and the responses will be available in a very short while, in theform of numbers and charts or even complex reports based on how the system is set up.

Getting started

It’s easy to use this new combination. Admins only need to select the source of data they need in Power BI, for instance, an SQL Server database, and from there, Cortana will access the data set and pull information to any person who can access it in Power BI.

The new capabilities are driven by the Q&A feature of Power BI. In short, it means that admins who want to tailor their data for use with Microsoft’s digital assistant can make use of Power BI Desktop and design customized answer sheets that will be displayed when certain questions are asked. For this update, Microsoft has unveiled a new template meant for Power BI Desktop. This template provides a canvas that is the same size as the window of Cortana.

There is still more. Microsoft also added a new Quick Insights feature to Power BI, a feature that runs several algorithms against data being passedto the systemto give users an easier look at data or information. If one likes what s/he is seeing, there is aroom of pinning it to an analytics dashboard within Power BI to keep on tracking the info.

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