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Sony’s PlayStation 4 Just Got Better with this Secret Update

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Just in case you haven’t noticed it yet, Sony PlayStation 4 has just been upped a little bit.

The PS4 features an octa-core processor that until now, game developers could only take advantage of six cores while the other two remained for running the operating system.

However, thanks to a recent secret update that Sony has pushed to this gaming console, the seventh core, or, at least, part of it, has been unlocked for games.

Even though Sony has not yet said a word regarding this update, some developers are already taking advantage of this additional core. One example is Firelight Technologies which makes audio middleware, which has released a new version of FMOD sound effects engine.

According to a report by Eurogamer, “PlayStation 4 has added FMOD_THREAD_CORE6 meant to allow access to the newly unlocked seventh core.” The FMOD is available on all platforms out there, be it operating systems or gaming consoles.

Sony borrowing a leaf from Microsoft

Sony and Microsoft are known to be tough and very close competitors when it comes to the world of gaming and gaming consoles. Sony boasts a series of PlayStation gaming consoles while on the other hand Microsoft has its list of Xbox gaming consoles. However, it seems these two have come to one agreement, at least not at the same time.

Earlier this year, Microsoft did the same thing with Xbox One that Sony has reportedly done with its current PS4, opening up the seventh core to developers of its gaming platform. In the past, both Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One have been leveraging the seventh core when it comes to certain system tasks such as voice instructions. Now that both companies have opened up this core to developers, it looks like they will be sharing it with these basic system tasks.

What it means for current PS4 owners

Well, there are implications for current owners of PlayStation 4 consoles. Since the games you already have used six cores, or rather, have been optimized to operate on six cores, it won’t be possible for them to take advantage of the seventh availablecore unless there is a new patch. If these games run fine on the current six cores, why waste time updating them?

On the contrary, new games can leverage the power of the seventh core unless it’s too late in the design and development stages of the games. Nonetheless, game developers are expected to update their engines to take advantage of this new ability.