Google Play does tend to perform automatic updates when it comes to its apps. But, not to worry, as there is a way to put an end to these updates and for you to choose when and how this process should happen.

Normally these automatic updates take place to boost their performance levels, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, this might slacken your device or it can consume your mobile data plan. Keep on reading to find out how to deactivate these auto-update apps in Google Play.

Deactivate Auto-update apps in Google Play:

  • Click Google Play to open it and swipe out the navigation drawer and then click Settings.
  • Next you have to click Auto-update apps.
  • You should see the following 3 options:
  1. Do not auto-update apps
  2. Auto-update apps at any time
  3. Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.

You will have to select the first option, which means that manual updates will be necessary. There is the possibility of selection the Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only, which means that they will keep on updating automatically, but they will not do so on the data connection you have.

Updating apps in the Play Store –the manual way

  • If you have selected the no.1 option, this means you need to manually update the apps. To do this head on to My apps in Google Play and open the navigation menu.
  • You should see a tab with all of your applications, which will appear in the Installed list. In the latter list, they will be classified into Updates, Recently Updates and Up-to-date.
  • Also the apps with updates will be shown at the top of the list. Install them one by one or choose to install all of them by selecting Update All options.

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