Everyone thinks it’s time for Apple to catch up with its competition and to bring the most wanted feature, resistance to water, after Sony has revolutionized the market in 2013 with its first Xperia Z flagship. More companies took its example and we’ve seen waterproof smartphones of all sizes, but Apple was reticent until now and preferred to focus on the hardware specs and cameras. But, it the rumors are true, the iPhone 7 will be water resistant.

Apple hasn’t mentioned anything about the small improvisation that was made inside the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, which prevented water to infiltrate and damage the components. Actually, the new devices aren’t certified, but they offer a weak protection against water, which makes us think that the iPhone 7 will be completely resistant to water, or self-healing T-1000 waterproof. The company has explained that “self-healing elastomer may obscure the electronic connectors from the user as well as provide environmental protection for the connector and the electronic device”. This is not a rumor, it’s not hoax, because the information comes directly from Apple’s real listing of patent and trademark information which was listed by the US government. Apple’s representatives have given more details about this system which will allow “electronic probes [to] temporarily penetrate the self-healing elastomer to mate with the electronic connector. After removal of the probes the self-healing elastomer may elastically reform and self-heal.”

Apple is reportedly working on multiple iPhone 7 prototypes which have differences in designs, but it’s unlikely that the aluminum chassis will be replaced with a new alloy, because this material has been used by Apple on most of its devices and the users love it. However, it’s rumored that the physical button will be removed and the Touch ID will be integrated into the pressure-sensitive 3D Touch screen, which might be made of sapphire (more resistant to scratch).

The iPhone 6S benefited from a double RAM, but the reports say that the successor will be able to support up to 4GB of RAM, thanks to the revolutionary A10 chipset. We can also expect a two-lens DSLR-style camera, but its resolution isn’t known yet.

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