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Minecraft Update 1.9 Download Available With Bug Fixes, New Sounds and Features


We remind you that last week, a few Minecraft snapshots tweaked a few aspects of the game, such as the ways items are displayed to the player after being caught in a cobweb. The new snapshot comes with many bug fixes and some new sounds.

We’re sure that there is not much new stuff that this snapshot comes with, but we’re sure that the Minecraft players will appreciate that the developers have fixed a good amount of bugs that they’ve found.

The new Minecraft Update 1.9: snapshot 15W50A build improves the path finding for every moby in the game. With other words, the mobs will no longer fail to identify and walk through open fence gates. The path finding over and around shulkers has also been improved. It seems that the developers have also fixed a bug that was causing the loot tablets to not work properly with hoppers.

When it comes to new additions to the game, the Minecraft snapshot 15W50A comes with some new sound files, such as:

– Milk Sounds
– Squid Sounds
– Item Frame Sounds
– Painting Sounds
– Sounds For Equipping Armor
– Sounds For Tilling
– Sounds for Grasspath making
– Furnace cooking sounds.

Here are the bugs that Minecraft 15W50A fixes:

– A bug that was causing the loot tables to not working with hoppers has been fixed
– A bug that was causing some mobs to path finding through open fence gates has been fixed
– A bug that was causing the skeleton AI to ignore helmets, causing them to stay still in the shadows
– A bug that was causing the game to crash when a fireball was shot has been fixed.