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It happens even today that people are not aware of how the internet can be operated or what does various common terms related to it stands for. Same like that, terms like CDN, WWW, HTTP, etc are alien to them. Many choose to check out the term on and they think that they are good with this much knowledge only. To convert the website into the alphabetized order, the service providers are required to use DNS or Domain Name System so that it could translate the IP address.

Your streaming rates are also dependant on your DNS that you use for the streaming websites or for the Apple TV. You can either pick your own DNS for the steaming device or use the one that is provided by your service provider.

There are some ways through which you can have the better DNS for your Apple TV, but wait, why do you need to do that? It occurs that some of the service providers do not allow using the rapid DNS’. If you have an App Store on 4th Generation Apple TV, then you might face issues with the purchases that you made and with your iTunes downloads due to the internet connection and DNS server.

You also need to amend your DNS sever if you face difficulty while streaming or with the internet connection. Not only that, you will also get to check out the stuff that is not allowed in your default location such as you can use the service of UnoTelly.

Which DNS server you can utilize?

Some of the options are:

  • OpenDNS: You get consistency, protection, and speed with this DNS server of OpenDNS. The address that you can use is: and
  • Google DNS: With this free DNS server of Google, you get presentation, rapidness, and protection at a time. You can use Google DNS with following addresses: and

Along with these, some of the other DNS severs that you can use are also available.

Amend the DNS server on the 4th Generation Apple TV:

  • Go to the Settings Tab on your TV.
  • Choose the Network option and pick the running Wi-Fi, which is present in the Connection section.
  • When you click on the Wi-Fi network option once again, then you will see the information related to your network.
  • Click on the option of Configure DNS.
  • You will see that it is clicked on the Automatic option, but you have to change it to the Manual and enter in your own DNS sever address.
  • You have to write the DNS server address now. Mostly, the DNS servers have four digit addresses, but in Apple TV, you will see 12 digits. When you enter it, it will translate into the
  • When you have entered it, then click on to the Done button and you are all set with the new DNS.

Another way of changing DNS on your Apple TV is by:

  • Go to the Main Menu of your Apple TV and you will have to click on to the Settings tab.
  • Go to the General option.
  • Enter into the Network option.
  • Check into the Wi-Fi option.
  • Enter into your chosen network.
  • Click onto the Configure DNS option.
  • Now pick the Manual option.
  • Now you have to write the DNS in it. For using the Google’s DNS, and then write or the other address of The address will be translated into the on your TV.
  • Now enter onto the done tab.

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