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WeChat Newest Tips and Tricks – Ever Thought It Will Be That Easy?

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Today we’re going to give you five tips and tricks that you can use on WeChat. However, keep in mind that these tips and tricks were tested on an Android device, so the steps may differ for an iPhone user.

Turning Off Chat Notifications

You can disable WeChat notifications for a specific chat window. To do this, enter the chat that you want to disable notifications for and tap on the “chat information” icon that’s located at the top-right side. Now you will need to search for Notifications and disable it.

Uploading and Sending Videos To Moments

You can share a video with a friend on WeChat very easy, but when you want to share a video on Moments, you will see that this can’t be done.

However, using a simple trick, you will be able to share videos on Moments. To do this, you will need to enter any chat room and tap on the “+” sign located at the bottom and select “Video”. Now, you will need to select a video or record a new video. Once the video is uploaded, you will need to long press on it in the chat room and select “Favorite”.

After that, go to WeChat main page tap on the “navicon”, select “Favorite Messages” and pick the favorite video. Finally, tap on the “navicon” and select “Send To Moments”.

Using “@” To Write A Member’s Name Fast

When you are in a group conversation, you can use the “@” to pull the list of names of your friends that are inside the chat group. This allows you to quickly choose the person you want to mention by just picking the name from the list.

To do this, type “@” in the message box while in group chat and a new window will ask you to select the friend that you want to tag.

Mentioning Friends In Your Moments

You can mention friends on the photos you post in WeChat Moments. To do this, go to Discover->Moment and select the Camera icon from the top-right side. Here, you will need to select a photo or take a new photo and in the status page, tap on Mention and tick the friends that you want to tag. Finally, tap on Send to update your Moments.

Disabling the “Find Me By Phone Number” Feature

If someone knows your mobile phone number, (s)he will be able to find you on WeChat with ease. However, you can disable this feature to not allow strangers to find you on this mobile messaging application. To do this, tap on the “navicon”, go to Settings->Privacy->Find Me by Phone Number” and disable it.