Google wants everything you do with any of its services to remain as hassle-free as possible.

The latest attempt in ensuring this happens is an update on the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow that makes it a lot easier to take screenshots on your devices.

In the previous versions of the Android OS, taking screenshots has never been easy. One had to go through the hassles of pressing the power button and volume down button at the same time in order to capture a screenshot. Well, while this might look a lot simple, it can take you some time before mastering the technique of simultaneously pressing these two buttons.

No more hassles

In the new update of the Now on Tap feature, lucky users of the new Android 6.0 M will be glad to hear that Google has now added a new icon for taking screenshots and directly sharing them in an instance. This is good news as the update eliminates the idea of clumsily pressing buttons just so as to take a screenshot and it also brings in the “one tap” experience of doing things.

Even though the addition is somehow very small that some people might never notice it, there is no doubt that it is a clever one. If you own one of those Google official cases that houses the new Nexus 6P, you will be happy with this update as it takes care of the issue this accessory had with respect to taking screenshots, thanks to its slightly lose sides.

Update is available to few Android devices

As mentioned earlier, the new update is available to lucky users of the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This operating system is currently on a very small number of devices, where it accounts for just about 0.5% of all the Android devices in the present market. What this means is that this new Now on Tap feature will only be accessible to a few people.

The good news is that the OS has gradually started spreading its reach with other phones such as the Moto X Pure Edition recently joining the list of devices that are currently receiving this update. In the long run, this update will reach a significant number of devices as intended by Google.

If you currently own a device that is running on Android M, you can head to Google Play and get the new update. There is no need to shuffle your hands around trying to simultaneously hold down the power and volume down buttons, instead, you will now just hold the home button and that’s it.

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