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Revamped WhatsApp Version Brings Lots of New Emojis to Android Users


WhatsApp is undisputedly the world’s most popular cross platform instant messaging app software.

We say cross platform because it can be used across various operating systems; for example, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows and others. It offers real-time messaging for close to a billion users around the globe; messaging services that include group chats, sharing of photos, videos, audios with friends and family. It’s simple, but quite personal as well.

The good thing is that WhatsApp only uses your phone number to flawlessly integrate with your existing phone addresses (contact list). Even though it does not attract SMS charges, data charges apply and Wi-Fi too when available.

Now, the latest WhatsApp version to be released is v2.12.374 beta version and it will be rolled out for Android users only.

What’s new with this update?

Express your emotions better with the loads of new emojis that this new WhatsApp update brings with it. These new Emojis include a popcorn box, a hot dog, a burrito, a spider, a turkey, a unicorn, medals, racing cars, a champagne bottle, a volleyball, horns signs, a raised middle finger, a detective, a shamrock and so much more.

Furthermore, you will come across an upgrade of emoji tabs from the previous five to now eight tabs.  These new inclusions are rumored to be from the Unicode 8 and Unicode 7 standards (encodings). Unicode 8 got rolled out in iOS v9.1.

How to Install WhatsApp update

This new update is WhatsApp 2.12.374 and is available from the official WhatsApp website, so there is no need for you to wait for it to be rolled out officially on Google Play Store. Download the update from the link on the site. Once download is complete, click to install the APK file and you are done. Refresh and you can apply the use of these emojis.

You need to note that both parties chatting must have installed this upgrade in order to even view these emojis otherwise if they have not installed the latest upgrade, they will simply appear to them as blank boxes.

This probably gets you quite anxious and you probably can’t wait to explore the revamped WhatsApp 2.12.374 APK latest version to try it out. As usual, the application is available for free, but it will demand that you pay a fee of $1 per year once you use it past the allowed first one year of free usage.