Apple is the biggest phone manufacturer and the company has developed its own operating system called iOS, which was released in 2007, while Google brought Android in 2008, after starting to gain popularity with its search engine and four years later, it started collaborating with various manufacturers, who created devices for the Nexus family and these phones and tablets were launched with the latest version of Android. So, why would choose an OS over the other? What are the differences between iOS and Android?


When you’re turning on your device, both iOS and Android are booting to a homescreen, just like booting to Microsoft’s Windows desktop. But the iOS home screen has only app icons in rows, while Android has in addition widgets, information which updates itself, such as weather and email. But iOS has an additional option, allowing the users to pin their most frequently used applications in the dock. The status bar is available for both operating systems, running across the top, where the users find information related to battery life, WiFI, cell signal or time. In addition, the status bar from Android shows the latest received emails, messages and reminders. Google has given the manufacturers the possibility to customize their devices by adding their own UI (HTC has Sense, Samsung has TouchWiz etc.) and pre-installed applications.


Android’s Google Play store contains over 600,000 applications, including for tablets, but some manufacturers such as Amazon, have their own app stores, so there are more available applications to download. Google’s based applications are Youtube and Google Docs and there are many applications created exclusively for Android.

In Apple’s app store you’ll find over 700,000 applications and 250,000 of them have been created for iPad. There are developers who prefer to release their games first for iOS, then for Android, and it seems that after Apple has released a recent update, Youtube app was removed from the store. But if you want to play the Infinity Blade game or to use the Twitter client Tweetbot, you’ll find both of them on iTtunes.

Call Features

In Android, the users can send a self-composed text as autoreply, when he’s declining a call. iOS has a phone app with the same functionality, but in addition, it has a Do Not Disturb mode and it allows the users to set a callback reminder.


Android has GTalk, where the users send instant message, while iOS offers iMessage which is a messaging tool only for Apple users, but in order to communicate with non-Apple users, they must install third party applications.

Personal Assistants

iOS has Siri, which takes voice commands, understand questions and answers to them accurately. Siri will give you sports scores, will make reservations at restaurants and will interact with car audio and dictation. Also, the users can dictate texts and emails, so they don’t have to write them using the virtual keyboard, but only the English language is supported.

Google has developed Google Now for Android, which has similar features, but it also keeps track of the user’s calendar and gives verbal reminders.

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