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Google Play Store Has A New Review Highlights Feature – Latest Version Update


Google has been working on a new feature called review highlights, which was discovered a month ago, and now, it’s ready to be rolled out to most of the users. Google is done experimenting with this feature, which will be important for the users who are usually making purchases from the store and want to write their opinions about the applications or games they’ve bought.

Normally, when we lay our eyes on a product, but we’re not sure if it’s worth buying or not, we’re reading reviews on Amazon or we’re looking at videos on YouTube, where the reviewers are explaining everything they find good or bad about the application or game. Also, Android Police is writing useful articles which are inspiring the readers, but it would be simpler to read reviews about the applications they’re downloading from the Google Play store directly from the source.

Therefore, Google has introduced Review Highlights, allowing the users to write app reviews on the Google Play, but that doesn’t mean that people’s opinions will be unanimous, or the texts will be well-written, without typos or expressing professionalism. When someone is extremely disappointed of an application, but his opinion is subjective and unrealistic, it’s a waste of time to read a bad review. But Google has found a way to sort reviews by helpfulness and not using reverse chronological order, so the high quality reviews will not be buried at the bottom. This algorithm still needs to be improved, but Google will continue to work on it and will release new updates for the Google Play store more often.

The latest version of Google Play APK is 6.0.5 and it can be downloaded from third party sources such as androidapksfree, and the file has a size of 14.45MB. This update came with bug fixes for the issues that have been reported by the users, and it included two sections: Apps & Games, where the users will find all the applications and games they want to install, while Entertainment contains movies, music and books.