On the morning of December the 8th, Apple released iOS 9.2 to the general public. The update is compatible with iPhone 4s or later, iPad 2 or later, iPad mini or later, iPad Pro and 5th generation iPod touch or later. As this article will focus on the issues with the new update, it only seems appropriate to start with an initial problem the update brought. Users reported that they experienced issues actually downloading the update from Apple when it was released, and this was apparently down to the servers not being able to cope with the sudden influx of downloads. This is, however, a common problem that we have seen before in previous iOS updates. Normally waiting a week will resolve this issue.

Although there are some new features, Apple’s new 9.2 update mainly consists of many bugs fixes. Some of the new features include the introduction of a ‘Top Stories’ section in Apple News (which is human curated by the way!), some changes made to Apple Music’s user interface, ’Safari View Controller’ being tweaked and supporting third party action extensions, and iBooks gaining 3D touch support. However, as is the case with most updates, there comes a line of emerging problems and new bugs to be fixed. There have been mixed opinions scattered across the internet on the update, and this article will outline the emerging problems with iOS 9.2.

  • The dreaded ‘alarm bug’ has been reported by many users. This is a repetitive bug that keeps sprouting up when there’s a new update for iOS. Updating the iOS has, for many users, disabled their alarm and stopped it from going off. The way to resolve this is too delete your current alarms and set new ones. Although tedious, it’s a simple and easy fix.
  • Some users have reported that minor lagging occurs when you try to set a time for a reminder. After setting up a reminder and trying to set up a reminder time, it takes about 5 – 7 seconds to get to the screen where you would set the date and time of the reminder.
  • A problem, which would be quite a serious one if it happens to too many Apple users, is that the update seems to totally wipe all the songs on your device. For users who have a large and impressive song library on their device, take caution and prepare yourself of the possibility of putting all your songs back on your device after updating.
  • iPhone users have reported that, after updating, they have experienced various problems with the battery on their phone. Most of these reports claim that the update has made their battery prone to overheating easily. The second most common claim from these reports say that their battery discharges much quicker now than before the update.
  • Another issue that Apple users have faced is that the update causes their device to occasionally freeze more often. To resolve this however, users should go into their device settings and hit “Reset All Settings”, this will not wipe the memory on the device, just erase all custom and modified user settings.
  • The last common problem that has been reported by users is that their Fingerprint ID has stopped working. By resetting and going through the process of registering your fingerprint once again, this should resolve the issue.

Overall, I believe that the new update is more focused towards bug fixes than anything else. There are no major improvements or add-ons to any existing apps in this update. If you own an older device on the compatible-device list, then I would say go for it, as it is thought that this latest update works much better on older devices. However, if you have a newer device, I would take into consideration these problems and issues, and, if you want to risk such things as losing your music library, go for it.

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