You will see the animations in your Mac Photos app that you will see in the iOS world around. You can perform the fine tasks of viewing the pictures and other features as well with this photo app on Mac. With these effects, some gets amused while other feels sick with that motioning animation effect.

It has been noticed that as you turn the motion feature off, you will see that the Photo app is working with high speed.

With the new and improved technology in the newest Mac books, this lower speed experience is not much noticed because it’s RAM and SSD is greater with the high RAM processing speed. But, if we talk about the older versions, then this issue was visible. The Photo app will get stuttered with the animation showing or with the frames. If you choose the option of Reduce Motion, then the transition within this app will get feasible and the hardware of the device will get loosen up.

You can easily allow or disable the option so that Photo experience will get better. It is very easy to turn off or on this option and notice the difference on your Photo App.

You have to follow these steps to perform this option:

  • Click on the Photo app from the menu.
  • Look for the Motion option in the General’s panel. Click on to the “Reduce Motion” option because we all know that if it would be enabled, that will result in lowering the user interaction. After clicking on it, you will see the increase in your Mac’s speed.
  • Now close the box of Photo Preferences and take a trip to the Photo Library. Open the images and check other animation stuff. You will notice that the performance has got better of the Photo App.

This option will also give better performance to the Photos in an OS X and for those users who have the problem with vertigos; they will get benefited from it as well. Even if the app is not slowing down your device’s performance, then you will rather feel well by switching the animation option off.

Not only that the Reduce Motion option is only available on the OS X’s Mac, but it can be used in the iPhone and iPad as well. This feature is pretty amazing to be used on WatchOS and iOS too.

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