It was Xcode 7, which enabled the iOS users to sideload the smiling face apps to their Apple devices. It is not that easy to use, but with that, many amazing applications can get into your smart device without any hassle. Kodi is one of those apps which can be installed without taking the assistance of jailbreak. If you think that installing Kodi into your iOS device is still an issue, then you must work on these steps, which are introduced by a developer and with that, your phone will have the app without jailbreak stunt.

You can follow these steps:

You need to have an access to the iOS App Signer, with whom you will be able to install Kodi in your device easily.  If you do not know, then Kodi is used for running multiple media centers in your device and was basically known as the XBMC.

For performing this without any jailbreak, you need to have a PC with the operating system X. From the Apple Mac Store, you can get the xcode for free. With that software, you will be able to run the program easily and perform the installation tasks. You do not need to get subscribed with the Apple’s Developer program and if you have an active Apple account, then it will work fine. You can also use free developer account.

Without any jailbreak, here are the steps for Side-Load installation of Kodi

  1. Launch Xcode on your Mac, first. Click on to Create a New Xcode Project and this option will be present on the Xcode screen. As you see the key Xcode crossing point, check out that whether the option of Application has showed up on the left hand side of the iOS ‘panel. When you choose the Single View Application from the key screen, and then click on the option of Next.
  2. On the second step, you have to choose some unique name for the Organization and Product. There is a need of entering the overturn domain address, which you have taken from the application’s name and write it in the Organization Name area.
  3. Now save it in your chosen location.
  4. If the Xcode is making issues about the repeal profile, then simply click on the Fix Issue option because it is not your problem to know those issues.
  5. While performing this, ensure that your device is connected with the Mac through USB and you have selected the device in the location as presented in the Xcode.
  6. For tackling the problem of code signing, the Xcode will need a logged in account. You can also log in with your Apple ID and password by clicking on the Add button. If there is some message is prompting up, then from the drop down box, you can select your Apple ID.
  7. Now, the Xcode will deal with all the bugs that were occurring and once they are solved, you will not need any warning of Code Signing.
  8. On this step, you have to open that Apple Signer app that you installed and in it, you have to click on the Browse option, which is around your Input file. The Kodi has made a deb file here that you need to choose.
  9. When you select the deb file, you need to choose the Provisioning profile and Signing Certificate from the given list.
  10. As you have selected the information, click on the Start button on the App Signer app.
  11. For the output file, you need to choose the location and name for the file. The App Signer of iOS will then show its astonishing functions and the Kodi IPA will get together.
  12. Click on the Window menu and get back to the Xcode. Now click on to the Devices.
  13. From the left on Devices panel, click on the selected device and press the “+” key.
  14. Now find out and choose the IPA file, which is made up in the Xcode. Now save it in the picked location of iOS App Signer.
  15. While installing the Kodi IPA, you will see that the Xcode is showing up as the busy. When you have entered every detail rightly, then everything will happen rightly and without any hassle.

The Kodi is now present in your iPhone and iPad without any jailbreak trick.

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