A new build of Windows 10 Mobile has been released for the users who signed up for the “Insider” program. However, if you are a regular Windows Phone user, it is good to know that you won’t get the new Windows 10 Mobile version until 2016.

The new Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build 10586.36 comes with a smaller update than the previous builds and this is the reason why there is just a small point bump from the previous build, which was 10586.29.

Microsoft also announced that they will not release too many Windows 10 Mobile builds before the ender of 2015. This is because the holidays are coming and a good part of the engineering team is taking some vacation time, so the remaining personnel will run at a slower pace.

We remind you that Microsoft have told us in the past that the Windows 10 Mobile operating system will be ready for the devices that run on Windows Phone 8.1 in December 2015. Unfortunately, it seems that this is no longer the plan, as Microsoft confirmed that they will start rolling out the Windows 10 Mobile OS to selected Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 phones in early 2016.

So, if you’ve been hoping to receive the Windows 10 Mobile on your device before Christmas, we’re pretty sure that you are quite disappointed. However, it is better to release a flawless Windows 10 Mobile OS rather than just releasing it sooner because the users of some older devices that run on Windows 8/8.1 want to.

Do you think that the Windows 10 Mobile OS will be released for some devices that run on Windows 8/8.1 in January 2016 or it will take longer until Microsoft will finally release this new operating system for these devices?

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