November 30, 2015 marked an inevitable end to the operations of Beats Music thanks to Apple’s acquisition of the service and infusion of its music curation and playlist creation technology into its Apple Music streaming service.

This news was made public by Dale Bagwell, the company’s customer experience manager, through the Beats Music support page. According to Bagwell, no more subscriptions will exist once the service is terminated. As a result, the company is urging all current users to transfer their entire profile to Apple Music, not leaving behind any picks and preferences.

“All the experts that curated music for you are still coming up with much better experiences. Furthermore, Apple Music will offer much better recommendations based on your current preferences, 24/7 radio around the world with Beats 1, lots of exciting material from your favorites entertainers, and many more”, Bagwell wrote.

If you haven’t yet tried the Apple Music app on your device, there is a link that leads to the service’s main page where you can begin a test drive that will last up to three months.

Apple purchased Beats mid last year for a fee of $3 billion and in so doing; it took in all of the company’s hardware and software units in addition to influential executives such as Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine and Trent Reznor. Subsequently, Beats Music service’s curation and playlist generation tech was integrated into Cupertino’s music streaming service. On the other hand, the Beats by Dre brand will still exist under Apple.

Apple Music came in at the same time as Beats 1 Radio back in June. Initially, this update came in for the iOS users, but later on moved to other Apple platforms such as Apple TV. Cupertino has also released a beta version of Apple Music for Android.

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