There is no doubt Cortana will take some time before it fully picks up the entire Australian lexis.

Microsoft announced that this personal digital assistant will now be available to all the users of Windows 10 devices in Australia.

There is similarity between Apple’s Siri and Cortana – they both learn your speech patterns and preferences and in so doing, they will respond to your questions as well as provide information collected from the entire internet. Cortana can take care of your messages’ replies, check what time your flight is up or even sing you a song and according to Microsoft, the digital assistant will do all these in a distinct Australian style.

This is not the first time Australians will be using the Microsoft-based virtual assistant on Windows 10 devices. This feature has been available to those in the Windows Insider Program. However, the latest update now means that all users of Microsoft’s latest operating system in Australia will now be able to access Cortana. In addition, those living in Canada, India and Japan will also be receiving this full update with all content and speech localized to suit each region.

Cortana will know every local detail of each region

In a bid to ensure that every single market is satisfied with the usage of this personal assistant, Microsoft says that it had to do away with a general approach to things.

In a statement made by Cortana’s Group Program Manager, he pointed out that “designing an intelligent virtual assistant for fresh markets needs abandoning of the ‘one-size fits all’ attitude and instead embrace local culture, humor as well as points of interest. We recognize this in Cortana’s development, such that our resident teams talk to real users, learn the local culture and in so doing we adjust the personality of Cortana accordingly to give Australians what they really want in a personal digital assistant”.

In short, Microsoft is trying to say that Cortana will be able to know and understand every indigenous legend, local sports and entertainment stars; with all this knowledge being woven into the assistant’s daily interactions with users.

Cortana will offer a local user interface; however, this does not mean the basic machine learning that drives its functionality will be different from what other regions have. But Microsoft says that “the more you interact with Cortana, the better your personalized experience gets” thanks to the fact that it constantly learns patterns of your natural language, digital schedule as well as personal interests.

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