Every single smartphone owner out there is using WhatsApp, mainly because this IM app is very effective and it offer a simple way to read one’s messages or send a quick text to someone.

There is a simple tutorial down below that can help you add a WhatsApp widget to your Android lock screen. This means you will not have to unlock the device to read your message.

There is a simple way you can enable the WhatsApp notifications to pop-up on your device. Here’s, how: Start by heading on to WhatsApp Settings, next Notifications and click on Popup notifications. You can have them on display all the time or just when you are messing around with your phone.

How to enable WhatsApp widdget on devices running stock Android

If you have Android 4.2-4.4 KitKat or a custom ROM even running on your device, there is a simple way you can include a personalized WhatsApp widget to the lock screen.

So, without any further ado, here is what you have to do if you have a KitKat operating gizmo.

Instructions: Head on to Settings, then Lock screen and tick the pop-up that says Custom widgets. Your next step is to lock the screen of the gizmo and then when the latter is locked, merely swipe to the side and wait for the + symbol. Click on it and then choose WhatsApp. Note: if you have an older or a more recent Android version, this lock screen widget will not work.

If you have a Galaxy device and want to get your hands on the WhatsApp widget, if the latter device also runs KitKat variants of Android, then nothing can stop you. Again head on to Settings, then Lock screen and look for Lock screen options and press the on Shortcuts options, click Shortcuts and simply select WhatsApp.

Applications Enable WhatsApp on Galaxy Devices – Avoid Lock Problems