Stickers have grown in popularity over the recent years following their huge success in the Asian market to be precise.

Users of messaging apps have resolved to the use of these advanced emojis to pass their messages. While there are offerings on platforms such as Viber and LINE where users can buy these animated characters as well as access others for free, Facebook Messenger’s stickers have always been free. However, this is the first time the chat app will be getting a sticker shop.

The Facebook-owned Messenger has more than 700 million users; however, the platform did not support this feature. But from today henceforth, these millions of people will now be able to make use of a third party application known as PicoCandy to buy stickers from within the Messenger app.

This tool comes to life thanks to the recent unveiling of Facebook Messenger Platform that allows third party developers to come into this platform with their apps, working in the form of in-apps within the Messenger app. To get the sticker packs, one will have to pay $0.99 or $1.99.

Going the Asian way

As mentioned earlier, the popularity of stickers started in Asia with apps such as LINE making the sale of these characters the main avenue for generating their income. It is the same kind of thing that Facebook Messenger wants to adopt via this PicoCandy app. interestingly, it is not the only thing that Facebook Messenger and other western apps have been trying to emulate from these already successful Asian apps.

Messenger is currently testing its money transfer feature where users can send each other money directly from within the app. This feature is not new to users of WeChat as well as LINE, all of which are powerhouses in Asia. The sale of stickers even adds more to the revenues of these companies now that these animated images have gone ahead to become the preferred media for many messaging apps – Messenger wants to be part of this.

As mentioned earlier, users of Messenger have been able to use stickers on this chat app in the past. However, the conservative approach of Facebook towards this tool meant that its competitors were the sole beneficiaries of this feature.

PicoCandy will now take care of this situation by bringing its first ever consumer shop to Facebook Messenger and according to the company’s CEO Geraldine Yong, plans are already underway on expanding sticker offerings via this app.

While Facebook has said that it won’t be taking any cash from PicoCandy’s deal to sell stickers through the Messenger app, the same will not apply to purchases made through iOS and Android smartphones on Apple and Google.

Applications Facebook Messenger Receives Its First Sticker Shop