This week Microsoft announced major updates for the OneNote note-taking application.

The new update will be available to those using the application on Windows, iOS, Android as well as the Web.

In the new version, there are a number of new features that have been introduced, but they will be rolling out slowly to the various platforms that are supported in the coming weeks. One notable addition to MS OneNote app is the ability to attach files and add audio to notes.

In short, the new version now comes with much better functionality that is aimed at combating the stiff competition coming from other note-taking programs such as Apple Notes and Evernote. Of late, most of Microsoft’s new products are more tailored towards enterprise use, with students and educators. However, it seems the latest updates will go beyond the education scope and include businesses.

Targeting students and educators

As mentioned earlier, the latest update seems to be aimed at students and teachers with its new additions. At the beginning, it was pointed out that the ability to attach files and add audio to notes were among the most notable additions. Well, it seems the latter was mainly targeting students and educators.

“Whether you are preserving a talk for future use or practicing your accent, an audio recording is the most natural way of capturing it”, Microsoft wrote in a post. “Students can practice pronunciations in foreign language classes or even record their latest guitar solo when in a music class”, the post continued. “Educators can also give students quick audio feedback directly using their Class Notebook”.

The OneNote audio recording update has been pushed to the web, iPad and iPhone versions of the app, but the company says that more features will be coming soon.

Microsoft is also pitching a new educational tool that allows the OneNote users to attach files. If you are using this app for taking notes in class, it is now possible to add a file of any material, for instance, PowerPoint slides. On the educators’ end, the program is being pitched as a planning tool, where teachers can easily insert files onto pages directly.

New features for Windows, iOS and Android users

Windows desktop users have something to smile about as Microsoft has added new features to the platform; for instance, direct embedding of online videos into the desktop canvas setup. Using this feature, the users of OneNote on Windows desktops can embed content from online video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo directly into their notes.

There is also something special for those using the iOS version. Support for 3D Touch technology has been added, which means users can now use pressure-sensitive commands to create new notes or find recently created notes. Users of the new iPad Pro will be at an advantage when using OneNote as Microsoft has made some display enhancements that ensure the users get the best out of this large-screened device.

Android devices will get an upgrade that comes in the form of a badge. The new Android badge can be placed on any part of the screen and even float when other apps are in use. With this update, the Android users of OneNote will now enjoy easy copying and pasting of notes from other programs. In addition, users will be able to jot down their ideas without the need of disrupting their workflow.

This feature will be rolled out in phases, so, don’t fret just in case you notice your app doesn’t have this update.

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