Mojang has released a few days ago the Title Update 31 (also known as Update 1.8.8) for the console versions. There are a few things that are worth mentioning about the latest Minecraft update. First of all, the update for the PS Vita has been delayed until next week, because of some issues which have been found during the certification process and need to be fixed. At the same time the Minecraft: Wii U version will not receive this major update until 2016.

There are a lot of changes that the new update brings on Minecraft for the console versions, but we suggest you to head to Mojang’s website and see the full change log there.

The Minecraft Update 1.8.8 for Minecraft: Xbox and PlayStation is equivalent with the Minecraft version 1.8.1 for PC, which is also known as the “Bountiful Update”. It is good to know that the developer of Minecraft is currently testing the 1.9 Combat Update which is expected to be released in Q1 2016.

The new Minecraft update that has been released for Xbox and PlayStation consoles brings new mobs such as Elder Guardians or Guardians. At the same time, the update comes with new biomes such as Mesa, Deep Ocean, Savanna and many others along with 20 new Technical Biomes. At the same time the existing biomes such as Ocean, Extreme Hills, Swamp and Jungle have received various tweaks.

You will be able to fish pufferfish, salmon, clownfish or even treasure. However, it is good to know that there is also a good chance to bring up junk to the surface, such as string, leather boots, rotten flesh etc., instead of fish and treasure.

The villagers have received some new professions and they are now able to harvest crops. However, it is good to know that a lightning as will turn villager into a witch.

The Minecraft game is currently one of the most played games out there and it seems that the developer keeps upgrading it with each passing month. What are your thoughts about the Minecraft 1.8.8 Update that has been released for Xbox and PlayStation consoles?

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