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PowerPoint 2016 Brings Designer and Morph Features for Making Better-Looking Slides


Presentation software poses one huge problem to many people: it’s very hard to design slides that are good looking and very professional.

Microsoft has been at its best, trying hard to offer millions with templates, yet it is still hard for many to make more appealing slides, especially when beginning from a blank canvas. In a bid to make everything much better, the Windows OS maker has rolled out a new feature for MS PowerPoint 2016 known as Designer.

Using the Designer feature, the users will be able to put together amazing slides, regardless of their level of expertise in presentation matters. When you try inserting an image into a presentation, Designer will automatically pop up a sidebar on the right hand side of the open window and on this bar you will find quite a number of design ideas.

Presentations destined for the next level

The introduced Designer and Morph features are very intelligent tools that do all the dirty work for you by automating the process of creating slides and presentations. In the end, the tools will help everyone get the most out of Office 2016.

The new PowerPoint capabilities come with a cloud-powered recommendation engine as well as smart animation technology that can help anyone design elegant slides and mind-blowing motion effects in just a few clicks.

What is PowerPoint Designer?

Using PowerPoint Designer, anyone can create top quality professional slides in just a few seconds. All you need to do us drop an image onto your presentation and immediately you will get several design ideas from Designer. Pick the one you like and that’s it!

With this new feature, less time will be spent on trying to figure out the best way to come up with high quality designs. This will give those making the presentation ample time to prepare for the main event.

According to Microsoft, Designer has been integrated with more than 12,000 creative blueprints and it is from this huge database that it selects and provides you with multiple layout options such that you make the most from your image. In the end, you will have a high quality and personalized presentation within seconds.

More is expected to come from the Designer feature in the near future, but the company still promises a lot with this first release.

Design cinematic motion using Morph

With Morph, the users will be able to design cinematic motion by creating a seamless animation between slides. In addition to animating regular images and even texts, Morph can further animate 3D images, one word or even a single character, including text wrapping.

All you need to do is duplicate the slides that you want morphed, move around the objects according to your animation preference and then go ahead and click on the Morph button located under Transitions. You will be surprised at how a single click can do such wonders with your images!

PowerPoint Designer and Morph features are limited

The newly introduced Designer and Morph features will only be available to subscribers of Office 365, which means that these tools are premium.

As of now, these authoring and editing tools are only available in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows Mobile and Windows desktops, but the users of other platforms should not fret as the update will be coming soon.