The year is almost over and the event where Samsung usually unveils its flagship Galaxy S series devices is also fast approaching.

This year we witnessed a change when the tech giant went for Samsung Galaxy smartphones that looked more like Apple’s iPhones. The phones further “copied” the iPhone’s feature of coming without support for a microSD card. Well, given that the feature is rumored to be coming back, it seems Samsung has seen mixed reactions in the sale of this new design to its enthusiasts.

According to people who are very familiar with this matter, the Galaxy S7 will be unveiled during the upcoming MWC 2016 that will be held in Barcelona, Spain. However, there is no confirmation that has come from the company itself. As a result, there might be possible changes to this launch date.

Nonetheless, if everything goes to plan, Samsung will unveil two flagship phones during this event: the Galaxy S7 and the curved-edge Galaxy S7 Edge. There is even much better news as there are some highlights of the features that will ship with these new phones.

USB Type-C port for fast charging

The much hyped USB Type-C port will finally make its way to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and its brother S7 Edge, just like it has on the latest series of Nexus devices. According to the brains behind the technology, you will be able to get a “full day’s charge” on your phone in just 30 minutes or less. It is unclear whether this “full day’s charge” means the battery will get to 100% or not, but when compared to the Nexus 5X, which also comes with similar technology, it needs about one and half hours to achieve a maximum charge of 100%.

The microSD is coming back

The latest rumors have been pointing towards the return of the microSD when the Galaxy S7 is launched. This is good news, especially for those who had to put up with the lower variants of the Galaxy S6. However, the feature might only be available on the Galaxy S7 and not the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Pressure-sensitive screen

Apple caught the attention of many, when it unveiled a pressure-sensitive screen with the iPhone 6S, a feature known as 3D Touch. Samsung wants to do the same with its upcoming Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge flagships, but there is no clue of what this feature will be named.

Retina scanner

Apparently, Samsung is considering rolling out several variants of the Galaxy S7 where some will feature a retina scanner, just like the Eyeprint ID feature available on ZTE’s Grand S3. The new feature will make use of the front-facing camera to deeply analyze unique patterns in the blood vessels of the retina of the user.

Samsung Galaxy S7 release date

Sources say that Samsung is looking at a possible release date of mid-March for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, which is probably during the MWC 2016 that is scheduled to happen on February 22, 2016.

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