Samsung is expected to unleash the Galaxy S7 smartphone during next year’s Mobile World Congress that will be staged in Barcelona, Spain.

When the new phone is released, several new features are expected to come in; features that are currently not available on this year’s models. Rumors have it that the South Korean tech giant will include pressure-sensitive capabilities to the S7, just like the 3D Touch feature of the iPhone 6S, as well as a USB Type-C port meant for faster charging.

There is even much better news, as far as photography is concerned, as the new device will come with an optimized snapper that works flawlessly in low-lit rooms. There is also a possibility of a retina scanner as well as the return of the external memory card slot, but only on some variants of the Galaxy S7. Speaking of variants, expect the company to follow the same trend it did this year, with hopes high for a Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge to be unveiled in March. Unlike with the case of Samsung Galaxy S6 models, the rear snapper’s lens will be flush with the phone’s back.

Samsung is playing catch up with Galaxy S7’s innovative features

The new phone will definitely come in with new features for the enthusiasts of Samsung Galaxy devices. However, a good number of the features being touted for the S7 have already made their debut in the handset industry, but not with the Samsung devices.

Today, the competition in this industry has pushed companies to innovation and uniqueness in order to stay relevant in the market. Apple has been leading the way with respect to pioneering mouth-watering features, Samsung did it with the introduction of the phablet, but this time things are not on its side.

Samsung will return the microSD card slot in some variants of the Galaxy family after dropping it in the S6 series. The rumors about the USB Type-C port are growing into something else, but even if Samsung releases the S7 with this technology, it will still be playing catch up to other smartphone makers such as LG and Huawei. Apple is reportedly testing this technology for the upcoming iPhone 7. Honestly, Samsung’s main threat in this high-end industry is Apple and given that the iPhone maker is yet to introduce this technology, Samsung might still be at it if the S7 comes equipped with it.

To make matters worse for Samsung, the retina scanner it is thinking to debut with the Galaxy S7 already exists in some models such as its own Grand S3. Fujitsu and ZTE also have smartphones that boast this scanning technology, but the good thing is that none of these smartphone OEMs is a real threat to Samsung’s smartphone business.

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