The Sims is a series that literally everyone and their grandmas love to play, with plenty of new features introduced through every release.  Previous titles have reached console gamers with faithful ports to all home systems.  The Sims 4 is the only title missing from every fan’s collection, but not for much longer, according a recent announcement by EA Games.

The only “catch” here is that this port will be leaving out owners of the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3, as Sims 4 ups the requirements a bit out of the capabilities for the last generation hardware.  PC owners are well aware of the shiny new requirements, as most had to upgrade their own computers to handle the new fidelity and details in their Sims’ lives, back in 2014.

Highly-Anticipated Success

The original launch on PC was a rousing success, nearly perfect in execution, but The Sims 4 celebration left out the eagerly waiting console market, where the previous iteration saw major support(and still has, with many still playing Sims 3) and popularity.  Electronic Arts are well aware of this and had intended on bringing it to console gamers much sooner, but it seems they may have had some technical limitations from the previous generation of consoles that stalled the porting process.  While some will be disappointed that it won’t be coming out on the older consoles, there’s no better time to grab a new console, with extremely cheap bundles to be found everywhere you look.

There is no official release date yet for The Sims 4 on Xbox One or the Playstation 4, but as a rule of thumb, most major releases like to hit Spring when the holidays are not obtainable.  Previous rumors about a Sims 4 console release were hopeful for a surprise Christmas announcement, but this was based off of no known information from EA themselves.

We also can’t leave out the successful release of The Sims 4 for Mac owners.  EA Games were good on their word when they released back in February of this year, so we should feel confident that when they nail down a release date for consoles that there will not be any frustrating delays, which has become the norm with all major console releases these days.

Game of the Year

Last, but not least, as we all know from future console ports like The Sims, console owners will get the biggest bang for their buck.  With all the major updates, improvements, and expansion packs included out of the box for Xbox One and PS4 owners.  We absolutely can’t wait to play with our new and improved smarter, funnier, expressive, and looney Sims.  Let’s just hope that EA doesn’t make us wait too long; who’s ready to spend their summer on the couch, sipping wine while watching their Sim family fight over who gets the next turn on the stripper pole that you just installed in the middle of their living room?

“You’ve had your turn mom!  Now, get off that pole and let grandma have a go!”

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