When it comes to modern navigation apps only a couple of names come to mind when the category is limited to free applications only. Apple’s and Google’s navigation apps along with Waze itself are among the list of navigation apps in the app markets.

In terms of features however, Waze can easily be considered the best of them all, simply because of the ease of use as well as the added ability of users to work as a community and help each other navigate through the modern urban traffic.


Most navigation apps are capable of communicating with other users nearby and getting you a traffic alert if sufficient data is available but Waze can do that at a whole other level, Waze communicates with other users and shows their updates on your map, live.

These updates can be anything from traffic jams and speed cameras to possible hazards or accidents. That’s not all, the app is also capable of providing you alternate route as should be expected from it.

The community experience

Waze provides you the ability to update and warn other users of possible hurdles in between them and their destinations, you’re able to report on traffic conditions, attach photos and notes, add locations and all sorts of things directly through the app.

All these different features mean that at the end of the day, your in-app map is going to be completely up to date as well as user-friendly. On the off chance that you end up in traffic, you’re more than capable of warning others from taking the same route as you, the only negative aspect of the application is the lack of offline maps but that’s completely understandable since the entire concept of Waze is to have community-aided navigation, offline maps would completely nullify that functionality, leaving behind just a usual GPS navigation app.

Waze is currently available for all three of the famous phone platforms, Android, iOS as well as Windows, making sure that no matter where you are or which phone other drivers use, your navigation capabilities aren’t negatively impacted in any way, whatsoever.

Waze is also capable of synchronizing data through your Facebook app and phone calendar, easily setting up events and providing you with effortless navigation options, completely removing the need to manually input the destinations.

Other features

Apart from these features which should be expected from any such navigation app, Waze also provides you with shareable ETAs, it remembers the locations which you frequent, it lets you synchronize with Facebook friends and lets you take a look at their ETA if you’re both travelling to the same location and above all, it turns it all into a game by providing you points for contributions on road info. There’s even a community ladder!

However, as far as offline navigation is concerned, you’re unable to do so simply because no traffic info can be gathered without an internet network connecting you with other drivers, it’s simply not possible. Basic maps and navigation without additional info is still available but don’t expect to use any of the cool features that Waze provides.

Applications Waze Review and Why Offline Navigation is Impossible