We’re comparing an application which has 650 million active users with the most popular instant messenger which is used by over 900 million people. The first application is WeChat, which has been created by a Chinese company, while the other one is WhatsApp and it’s owned by Facebook.

WeChat was launched almost five years ago (January 2011) and it’s available for the following operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, OS X and Windows, which means that it can be installed on computers, while the Mac owners can log into their accounts using the web client, but not all functions from the mobile version have been added.

WhatsApp was born six years ago, being created by two former employees of Yahoo! Who were rejected by Zuckerberg when they applied for a job at Facebook. They worked hard on making the application a real success and when it reached 600 million users, Mark Zuckerberg has decided to buy it, offering 22 million dollars. Today, WhatsApp is the most famous application and it’s used worldwide, by people who need to keep in touch with their loved ones, no matter in which country they live.

So, which application do you prefer?

On both applications you can make voice calls and chat with other members for free, but WeChat provides two screens for social networking plus other functions.

The Contacts screen looks similar on both applications, but WeChat classifies contacts as official accounts / personal accounts.

WeChat has an integrated social network called Moments and features such as Shake, People Nearby and Drift Bottle, which work based on the location of the other users. Also, the WeChat users can play games and the web client can be used by scanning the QR code from the Mac’s screen, with the phone’s camera. WhatsApp has also a web client, but for Windows, and it works the same.

Both applications offer the option to back up chat history to the cloud, but WeChat has two exclusive features called Me, where the users can take a look at their posts through “My Posts” and can do other things such getting stickers from the sticker shop or explore their favorites, while the other feature is called Wallet, with which the users can make all kinds of payments – pay their bills, purchase items from JD.com, or even invest their money.

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