Back in the day Apple iTunes had been the king of the music business. Nowadays we the consumers would like an all-you-can-eat music subscription. That’s why revenue of the iTunes has been in decline for years. Now Apple is trying to compete with the undisputed king of streaming music which is Spotify. Although Spotify was already in this business longer than Apple Music, Spotify cannot overlook that Apple Music has the benefit of the tech giant’s almost-infinite resources on it’s sleeve to compete head to head with Spotify. It’s unclear whether Apple Music can overtake the king in the long run or not.

But here’s the thing, Spotify is already in the business for a long time. They perfected all these years to be user-friendly and to be honest. It has all the music that I could ever wish for. But I’m following the rules “New is always better”. So, I decided to compare Apple Music with Spotify in a few categories to see the competition unfold on desktops and mobile devices.

Music library

Today Spotify continues to dominate the streaming industry which can offer their listeners a staggering 30 million songs from its catalog. Additional to 20,000 new songs everyday! To be frank I can’t listen to all the songs in one day let alone 20,000 songs every day. Spotify also brings all the record releases, Spotify live sessions and various new singles. Therefore, we can uncover the new and rising artists.

However, Spotify cannot relax because Apple Music also has 30 million songs in the store. Apple Music is claiming it will get more exclusive tracks and music from unsigned artists who can publish their songs through the service.

Spotify and Apple Music also have the option to let you insert their streaming catalog with your own tracks. With Apple Music, all the songs that you put into iTunes can be added automatically. With Spotify, you can add music files directly from your computer, then place them into your playlist.


In this category, Spotify and Apple Music try to understand your preferences in music and try to give you recommendations. However, each service takes a different approach.

Spotify has on-demand radio stations. These radio stations are created for you by algorithms. Basically they play the music that is close to the genre you love. The big plus is that you can listen to music that has been tailored to your preferences. The down side is you’re never going to listen to a song that is different from your taste.

Apple tried to do something different from Spotify with its Apple Music radio. Apple introduced Beats 1 which is a real, 24 hours a day broadcast from three locations-New York, Los Angeles, and London. To spice up the service, Apple also assigned well known DJs to lead the exclusive live content including interviews, guest hosts, and news in the world of music.


Both services are offering the same price for single user. Each cost $9.99USD a month. However, Spotify offers a free ad for premium users, which Apple Music lacks. Surprisingly, Apple Music offers a Family Plan which costs $14.99USD a month for up to 6 users. To add another user in Spotify, they charge an additional $5USD per user on top of the $9.99 monthly rate. This means that at the same price of $14.99USD, Apple allows six users while Spotify allows only two users. If Spotify matches the same six users as Apple Music, it would set you back $34.99 a month.

Both services offer a free trial period for newcomers. Apple is giving a three month trial while Spotify gives you only a one month trial.


For someone who’s never been interested or tried streaming music before, I can see that Apple Music can be called a winner because of its three month trial and Family Plan. But Spotify also has a plan to counter Apple’s Family pricing plan. Spotify has already started testing in countries like Sweden.

Although the content is basically the same and it works on all devices I own such as PC and Android. The human touch that Apple offers in their radio department cannot be beat by the algorithm Spotify offers. To be able to listen to a global radio station with DJs for 24 hours is an amazing feeling.

I believe that Apple Music has a little edge over Spotify and hope Apple hits their goal of 100 million subscribers at the end of the year.

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