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For all the iPhone users, the great thing is that they carry their photos easily to anywhere. Just take the pictures from your camera and save them not only to your Camera Roll, but to your iCloud as well. The great thing is that you can now share these images to your Apple TV as well. Yes, this is for true. If you want to have your images from your iCloud to your Apple Tv’s slideshow or screensaver, then it is possible easily now.

Get your iCloud photos on your Apple TV

With the iCloud, it is now possible to get the photos on your screensaver on Apple TV. If you have the iCloud photo sharing option enable, then you can check out any of your images on your same iCloud account on any other Apple gadget. It means that any picture can be seen with greater possibility now. For doing this, you need to have an iCloud account and iCloud Photos allowed on your phone. You can do this by going to the Setting, iCloud, Photos and then to the iCloud Photo Library.

  • Go to Settings, Accounts, iCloud and click on to Sign In by entering your Apple ID and password.
  • When you are signed in to your account, you can now get into the iCloud Photo Sharing and in to My Photo stream. When you do that you can now check out the Stream on your Apple TV.
  • As you have these options, you can now get your screensaver too. Just go to the Settings, General, and ScreenSaver (This is for the 4th Generation Apple TV).
    If you are using an older version of Apple TV, then go to the Settings, Screen Saver, and click on to the Photos.
    You will see that in the Screen Saver area, there is an option of Type. For the 4th Generation Apple TV, you will see the default type of Aerial is selected.

Again, in the same option of type, you will see My Photos. There, you have to choose Photo Stream in Albums or if you have made other photo folder, then select it.

Now, pick you’re album or photo stream, you need to set it up as the screen saver. With the same option, you can Play Slideshow too. This way, your screen saver will be in a form of slideshow and not just as a single photo.
Click on the Set as Screen saver and on the next screen, you will have to confirm it by selecting Yes.

You will see that your Apple TV will have this new photo or slideshow playing when it is left idle for the chosen time period. If you want to check out if everything has been selected right, then just go to Settings, General, and Screen Saver. There ensure that your screen saver is on the My Photos.

With this easy to do settings, you can enable your iCloud Photos to reach on your Apple TV in the form of Screen Saver.

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