WhatsApp Messenger has to be one of the most widely used app all over the world. Its frequent use and popularity can be judged from the fact that many mobile phone companies are offering mobile phones with Whatsapp messenger already there in the phone and you just have to create your profile to get started.Since its development in 2009, it came up with more features with the passage of time so many people using Whatsapp for a while, as they frequently use it, just check their notifications and respond accordingly without noting down the new features introduced in this lucrative app. You might have also missed out on many of them so here are 6 best new features of Whatsapp in 2015.

Bookmarking Of Messages

One of the new features introduced in Whatsappis bookmarking the messages you want to read later. This is a very useful feature as finding an important message can be quite a bit of an ordeal in case of long conversations. This difficulty has been solved by the option of starring the message. This can be done by pressing the target message for a while until the Menu bar appears with starring option. Later, you can go to Menu and then to starred messages to view the content you saved.

Saving Of Chats

Latest versions of Whatsapp have been designed keeping in view the problems like changing or losing of mobile phone which may ultimately result in loss of the chat history. Latest versions allow you to save your chats on Google Drive to recover them in case of loss or changing of mobile phone. Just go to Settings through Menu and choose the Chats and Calls option. From here select Chat Backup and then Google Drive Settings. Configure the settings and here you go.

Preview Of Links

This is another feature introduced in the latest versions of Whatsapp which allows you to have a preview of the pasted link including the thumbnail of a video or picture of an article and their URL.

Voice Calling

This has to be one of the best features developed by the Whatsapp developers as it has improved the communication process to a great extent. Select the contact you want to call from your Whatsapp contact list and press the calling symbol on the bar at the top of the screen.

Last Seen Feature

This is another feature which is different from older versions of Whatsapp. You can, now, turn off your last seen feature to hide the information about when were you online last time. Previously, last seen info used to be visible to others and it was regarded as “lack of privacy” by many users.

Removing Unwanted Chats

New versions have allowed you to delete unwanted chats once you have the option of backing them up. For this select Menu to go to Settings, from here select Chats and Calls. Then go to Chat History  and finally to  Clear All Chats. You will be asked whether to delete all messages, a month older or half a year older. Choose the appropriate option according to your need and get rid of unwarranted chats.

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