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Adobe Flash Player vs. HTML 5 Video – Facebook Likes The Second One


Facebook has finally switched to HTML 5 for all the Facebook web videos, which means that from now on, all the videos you upload and post on your profile will no longer require Flash Player.

Daniel Baulig, engineer at Facebook, said that the decision to ditch Flash in favor of HTML 5 video player has made the development easier, but also improved the video experience for the users on this social network. From now on, the videos will load faster than before and it seems that this made more users to upload videos on this platform. Since Facebook has switched to HTML5, there are fewer and fewer bug reports related to it and the people are now spending more time watching videos than before.

However, Facebook continues to support Flash-based games such as Farmville or any other players that require Flash in order to run, but instead the HTML 5 is being used for all adverts and videos.

We also remind you that YouTube has switched to HTML5 for quite a while and now Facebook has made this move. It is expected that more and more big companies will ditch the Flash for HTML 5. Unfortunately, this seems to be the end of the Adobe’s Flash Player and they can’t do anything to stop his disaster.

At the same time, even Adobe is trying to move away from Flash, as recently they’ve dumped the “Flash” name from the name of its creative tools. This clearly shows how “toxic” the Flash brand has become and that Adobe needs to move on and leave this tool behind.

We remind you that in the past, Adobe’s Flash Player had some big issues regarding the security of the users. This is one of the main reasons why nobody wants to hear about it anymore. Another reason is that this application was crashing very often and it was eating a lot of resources, which was quite annoying.