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Chrome Best Add-ons To Improve Your Gmail Experience


Gmail is an incredible email service, but if you use only its native features, you won’t know its real potential. By installing a few add-ons on Chrome, you’ll be able to do more on Gmail, such as scheduling meetings, tracking messages etc. In this article, we’ll tell you about four of the Chrome extensions that are worth installing.

Full Contact

We receive messages not only from our close friends, but from professional contacts as well, and instead of wasting precious time searching their profiles on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, by adding Full Contact to your Chrome browser, you’ll see the person’s jib title, where he works and his social accounts. Moreover, you don’t need to visit the website in order to check his/her posts/tweets/social updates, as you will be able to read them inside your inbox. With Full Contact, you can also see if your contacts are in your area, and you cans set up a calendar invite to meet them, plus you can add notes and tags to your friends.


All your “sensitive” email messages, which you don’t want to get on the wrongs hands, will be encrypted and they will be seen only by the recipient, who will receive a URL for the message. After opening the link, the users will need to read it fast, because in 60 seconds it will self-destruct.


This extension will add a bunch of functions to Gmail, such as tracking emails with Read Receipts, so that you’ll know who reads your message and when; scheduling meetings instantly, by sharing availability and setting up meetings with Google calendar integration; scheduling emails which will be sent later, at a certain hour that you’ll choose; you’ll have templates to inspire you when you don’t know what to write in your message, or you’re out of time.


Its features include email tracking (you’ll know which of your messages have been read, when did this happen/how many times that happened and from what device they were opened, but, in addition, you’ll know if your messages have been read); you’ll be alerted whenever a recipient reads your message; by updating to MailTrack for Work ($3.50 a month) you’ll get extra features such as daily read reports, link tracking, premium personal support and integration with your CRM: SalesForce, Sugar CRM etc.