Fallout 4 Game To Receive An Underwater DLC Expansion


Holidays are all over us and the guys behind Bethesda took a well deserved holiday break. However, it is expected that news and details about the upcoming DLC that Fallout 4 will receive will be officially be announced by the developers sometime at the beginning of 2016.

In concordance with WhatCulture, there are a lot of rumors about a possible DLC that the Fallout 4 will receive soon. If rumors prove to be true, Fallout 4 will receive a DLC that will open a totally new area underwater.

We remind you that an expansion has been confirmed by Bethesda, as they’ve already brought a Season Pass for this game. Unfortunately, the developers haven’t confirmed what DLC will come and what new areas/features it will bring.

The rumors about a DLC underwater location have appeared after someone has posted a video showing how detailed are the graphics down there. At the same time, the player has found a harpoon gun which clearly shows that the developers from Bethesda have been working a lot in that location.

The harpoon gun releases water bubbles when used, as a part of its weapon animation. This could mean that the weapon is made for underwater use and it might be released once the DLC will be brought to the Fallout 4 game. We remind you that Bethesda has made an underwater mission in Fallout: New Vegas, but the mission was quite limited, as it came with “exploration only” gameplay.

An underwater DLC will be awesome for the Fallout 4 game and we’re pretty sure that a lot of fans will be quite happy to receive a DLC like this. Hopefully, Bethesda will come with some new about the upcoming DLC sometime soon.

Do you think that Bethesda will release an Underwater DLC for Fallout 4?

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