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iOS 9 Unknown Tips and Tricks Revealed


The following tips and tricks will shed some light on how to use your iPad or iPhone device without having to buy costly applications or other types of add-ons. This informative guide is perfect for those who are just getting started with iOS 9.

Creating a To Do List in Notes

The To Do lists can be easily created in Notes and they can also be linked to other gizmos that run iOS 9 or OS X El Capitan. Simply create a new note and click on the +above on your keyboard if you do not notice a check mark symbol. You will then have to click on the latter symbol and begin the list. When you want to enter a new item, click enter and then click the circle to finish the entry.

Enable Low Power Mode

Notice your iPhone battery low? The device will incite you to use the Low Power Mode feature. This neat trick will help you prolong your phone’s battery life span. Head on to Settings, next Battery and then Low Power Mode and then tap On.

Faster Connection to Music Apps

Having iOS 9 on your device, allows your gizmo to recognize each time you are planning to listen to a track. So, when you plug in the headphones, you will be shown a list of your most used music apps. This list will pop up in the left corner of the lock screen. With a simple flicking up gesture you can open your desired music app.

Hiding Photos in iOS 9

Various pictures can be easily hidden in iOS 9. Go to the library, choose the photos you do not wish to reveal, click on the share symbol and then hide. That’s all.

Use iPad Pop Out Video

With iOS 9 it’s fun to pop out videos from various apps to a transportable window. The latter allows you to watch a video while messing around in a different app. Apple apps as well as Hulu support this neat feature. If you want to use it, click on a video app and then go to the small knob (right side).

How to quickly select text in iOS 9

Now selecting the text on one’s iPad with iOS 9 is easy peasy. With the simple use of two fingers on the keyboard, the text will be easily selected. All you have to do is place two fingers on the keyboard and move them gentle to select a paragraph. Don’t get too irritated if you don’t nail it right from the start, after all practice makes perfect.