In the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, you get four shortcuts with your 3D Touch Camera app. These shortcuts have the names of Record slo-mo, Take Selfie, Take Photo and Record Video. On this shortcut menu of 3D Touch, there are only four options available. When you get this new jailbreak tweak of CamTouch, the number of shortcut options for your Camera app increases.

With the addition of this jailbreak, you will get two new shortcut options and that are in the time-lapse video and for the Panoramic photos. If you want this tweak to work well on your phone, then you need to install another tweak named UnlimShortcut that will enable some unlimited number of shortcuts to appear on your app.

With this UnlimShortcut app, you can adjust the icons’ height, row, title font and its content. As soon as you install this app, your CamTouch will get the additional shortcuts in it that will be up to six.

You can only get the right work out from the CamTouch if you have already installed the UnlimShortcut. So, if you are looking to have the additional shortcuts in your CamTouch app, then you must get this UnlimShortcut so that you could enjoy your camera app to the fullest. These both apps are available for free.

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