Planning to switch your phone to something better, then you need to have this migration tool from Apple that will help you in moving on easily to the iPhone from an Android. With the tool called “Move to iOS”, you can easily move all the personal information like notes, contacts, photos, calendars, etc from your Android to the iPhone.

When you are planning to transfer stuff from your Android to the iPhone, then the best way to do it when it is brand new so that it has nothing existing in it and if anything goes wrong, then you can always reset it. When you have an iPhone and it is brand new, then you can transfer up your stuff by following these instructions:

  • At the screen of Apps and Data, you have to click on to Move Data from Android.
  • On the Android phone, from the Google Play Store, you need to download Move to iOS app.
  • Pass through the agreement sections and you will see that the app is asking for the transfer with the verification code.
  • On the iPhone, you will see that the same verification code is asked by the Android phone. Enter it and proceed.
  • Now pick any photos, contacts, videos, or items that you want to transfer from your Android to the iPhone. When you see that the procedure of transferring items has begun, let it get completed in peace. The duration of transfers depends upon the number of items and the durability of the connection.
  • When the transfer is completed, click on Done. You can now set up your iPhone with all your content.

Run a check if everything has been transferred accurately. This app Move to iOS works really well and upon rechecking the stuff, you will realize that everything has   been done correctly.

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