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PlayStation 5 Release Date Soon By Sony – What Features Should We Expect?


Two years have passed since the PlayStation 4 was released, but it seems that the gamers are already waiting for the next-generation consoles such as PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Two.

According to some rumors, we will not have to wait too long until both Sony and Microsoft will finally announce their next-generation consoles. It seems that these two consoles will be released way sooner than expected and we’re pretty sure that this news will make the gamers very happy.

As expected, the PlayStation 5 will be more powerful than the current version of the PlayStation and the gamers have very high expectations from this device. Sony is dealing with a lot of pressure because the PlayStation 4 is an impressive console and it will be quite hard to release a way better PlayStation 5 and to keep the price relatively low.

The PlayStation 5 is expected to be released with a totally new design. Rumors say that it will be sleeker and thinner than the PlayStation 4 and the disc drives will be removed. At the same time, the new console will be able to offer 4K resolution, instead of the 1080p (Full HD) resolution that the PlayStation is currently offering. The PlayStation 5 will also come with a faster and more powerful processor and it will be based on a new Sony chip, which will be 5 times faster than the current PlayStation 4 chipset.

Initially, the PlayStation 5 was expected to be released sometime in Q3 of 2020. However, rumors suggest that Sony will not wait that long to deliver their new gaming console. If rumors prove to be right, the PlayStation 5 will be released sometime in 2018 and it will be announced sometime during 2017.

Do you think that the PlayStation 5 will be released in 2018 or it will take longer until the developers from Sony will release the next-generation console?