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What could smarter than the Apple TV? Of course, Apple products are the finest tech gadgets and they do not need anything like Restarting. Same with the Apple TV, the television is pretty smart enough to keep it stable, thus it does not need any rebooting. But, in case if you need to do that, then you can always do that by going to the settings and performing that. While restarting the Apple TV, this could be done within no time and you do not even feel like if you have rebooted it.

Another situation when Apple TV is needed to restart itself is when there is some software updating is in pending. You must check the TVOS on your Apple TV’s settings and update the software from there.  You need to perform the reboot when there is an app crashing frequently, when some unusual thing is happening, or when the TV is continually asking for the troubleshoot. This is the time when you need a rebooting. The steps are very simple. If you have the 4th Generation Apple TV, then it will get reboot from the System Setting:

  • In the Settings tab on your Apple TV, click on the System.
  • On the down side of the Maintenance section, click on the Restart option.

As you click on these options, the Apple TV gets reboot quickly.

If you have the Apple TV of 3rd and 2nd generation, the reboot would be done this way:

  • In the “Settings” tab, click on to the General, and there choose the Restart option.

This could also possible that the TV will not be started with the chosen methods. You can then force restarts it or simply switches off the power button like the old days.

How to make Apple TV force restart from its remote

The new generation Apple TV has got this Siri remote with which you can press the Menu and Home altogether. You have to press both of the buttons until you see that the reboot occurs at any moment with the flash of light. This way, you do not need to go to the Settings tab as well.

In the earlier Apple TVs, the restarting process is the same like this except that you do not find any light on the remote, but on the controller box. You perform the same technique with the force restart as you do in your iPad and iPhone.

It is understood that if the Apple TV is not following any command and it is absolutely frozen, then you have to go to the other way of unplugging and restarting it.

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