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MTV to cut down on P2P piracy by offering free South Park downloads

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MTV Networks, the biggest division of Viacom Inc. has announced plans to make every South Park episode available online for free as part of a plan to make the show available to a larger audience.

MTV originally based this decision from the success of providing “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” online. Since offering the “Daily Show” videos in October, viewership has been up with no obvious harm to ratings.

“One does not diminish the other by any stretch of the imagination. That is kind of our hat trick,” was said by Judy McGrath the Chairman and Chief Executive at Reuters Media Summit in New York.

Although, the planned site for this venture, has not uploaded full episodes yet; it has provided clips, games, an avatar maker and other various media from the series.

With the prospect of a bigger viewership and better ratings, Viacom’s MTV Networks have mentioned placing other shows up for free online download as well. Names of the possible shows have not been mentioned, but it is nice to finally see a network starting to implement a way to work with today’s want of free content without the legal repercussions that can come along with P2P sharing.

This article originally appeared in on November 30, 2007.