The older versions of the iPhone usually act slower when you run them with the latest iOS versions. You are not going to believe this, but there are several things that you can perform to boost the speed of your iPhone. Not only that there are tweaks, but many hidden tweaks as well.

You are not going to believe this, but the well known developer Zachary Drayer has reveled this hidden trick on Twitter that all of us already knew, but never focused on. This app is present right in your App Store and with that you can do a lot.

This trick is so simple and easy to perform that is why we are unaware that why Apple did hid it in the App Store. You just have to have click on the same button for the ten minutes continuously at the down side of the screen and ensure that you are pressing the same button.

You will see the screen going blank after you have done this and that way, the Store cache will be restored or reset. The trick works in a way that the temporary storage of the phone gets emptied when you click on the same place or icon for continuously ten times. This trick works on many of the Apple apps. The trick does not work in the iMessage, Podcast, Phone, Game Center, and Music. While it works easily on iBooks, Apple Watch, iTunes and App Store.

So, you see that how easy everything has become when you work with this trick on your iPhone.

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