Apple TV

We all know that Apple has got that style of connecting all of its devices with each other through smarter technology. The Apple devices have got the value through the legacy of Steve Jobs that everything gets connected to each other easily. Just like every other device, the Apple TV also gets connected with the other devices so if you get an Apple TV 4, it will easily get connected.

The great advantage that any Apple device brings you is that you can easily operate it with the keyboard or your iPhone. The Apple TV is a quite slow thing to write about and with the Apple devices, you can write with greater ease. After a long time of research work, the Apple has finally made it easy for the iPhone and iPad users have the Remote app and support the Apple TV.

Connect your iPad or iPhone to the Apple TV with this Remote App

To enable this, you simply have to go to the iOS device’ app store and download that Remote app on your Apple device.

When the app gets downloaded into your device, open it, and click on to Add a Device. There, you will see that how do you have to perform the later functions or steps. Now, switch on your Apple TV if it is in standby mode.

From your Apple TV, click on Setting; go to Remote and Devices option, and your procedure of connecting the Apple TV with the iPhone will start.

For the older versions of the Apple TV (in 2nd and 3rd generation), you have to click on Settings, go to the General option, and click on the Remote. When you are at this screen, and then wait for the screen to show your iOS device and then enter the four digit code by selecting the name.

You will see a section of Remote and Devices, where you will see the Remote Devices head under the heading of Remote App. On the left side down on the screen, you will see the details of the benefits provided by the Remote App.

Under the heading of Pairable Devices, you will see the name of your device connects if it connects to the same WiFi as of your Apple TV. With the help of Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote, you can select your device.

Now, you will see that the four digit code has been appearing on your screen of iPad or iPhone. You have to mention that code on your Apple TV. When the code will be matched with the device, you will have your device appeared under the Paired Device.

On your iPad or iPhone, you will see the Remote app layout. Instead of using the regular Apple Remote, you can use the remote on your mobile phone.

When you use the Remote App on your phone or iPad, you will see that the device is recognizing it itself and the keyboard will appear itself. Whatever you want to write that will show up on your TV.

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