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Android Nutella or Android Nougat? Polls to Decide Name of this Year’s Version


If you have been a keen follower of Google’s naming system of its Android mobile operating system, you may have noticed that the search engine giant usually goes for names of desserts.

Other than going for sweet names, the system also follows an alphabetical order, which is why you have been coming across names such as Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop and last year’s Marshmallow. As a result of this type of alphabetical naming, every avid follower of this OS will be quick to point out that the next version will be Android N.

One problem that comes out of this one solution is the exact name of the ‘N’. However, it seems the company has found a way for users to help solve this mystery and in fact decide for themselves what they want the next version of Android to be named.

Speaking at the Delhi University, Google CEO Sundar Pichai pointed out that the naming process of future Android operating systems will involve the general public. The queries went to the point of asking why the operating system’s naming system had never considered using an Indian sweet, but Pichai joked that he would go ahead and ask his mother for possible names.

Android Marshmallow is currently rolling out across the globe and with this happening; everyone’s eyes are set on the next version of the OS. There is no doubt that Google will bring new features and functionality to the OS, in addition to fixing any flaws from the previous version.

Android N naming

This is with no doubt the most intriguing part of this piece. The question is what will be the name of the next version of Android N?

At the moment, we already have front-runners such as Android Nougat and Android Nutella. In fact, major news sites have been conducting some random polls with some ending up with Nougat as the favorite while others going for Nutella, however, our team is betting on Android Nutella as the main possible name.

One problem with Android Nutella is the fact that it is a branded confectionary and the only time Google has gone for such a branded name in its 11 major releases is with Android KitKat. Given the success this version of OS has had over the rest of its releases, we won’t be surprised to see the search engine giant going for another big name in the industry.

Android N release date

It’s quite easy to tell when Google will unveil this new Android N OS to the world. Usually, the company makes its announcements regarding Android releases during the annual Google I/O developer conference in May. This is the same period we expect the company to make this announcement and release the Android N developer preview and then a first out of the box version will come when launching its 2016 line of Nexus devices, somewhere in September or October.