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Here’s how you can download WhatsApp for free


When it comes to instant messaging and avoiding using the SMS service that your provider charges you for, WhatsApp has got your back. You’ve probably seen it installed on every smartphone out there simply because of a few reasons. So why is WhatsApp so popular?


If there was a list of applications you can find on everyone’s smartphone, WhatsApp would be one of them, whether it belongs to a teenager or an adult, WhatsApp has become so popular that it’s one of the first apps that people install when buying a new phone or restoring their own to factory settings.

Let’s answer the question about it’s popularity though.

  • WhatsApp allows you to instantly message people in your contacts, send pictures, audio, videos as well as share anything directly through the “share” option on all smartphones.
  • It uses WiFi or your service provider’s data capabilities to function, it’s capable of functioning with minimum bandwidth use, most images sent are compressed whereas minimal data is used for texting.
  • It doesn’t use your monthly, weekly or daily SMS quota and neither does it cost you additional charges for sending messages internationally, this is a major benefit of using WhatsApp since it makes it possible to text with your friends and family which are abroad without having to pay an extra premium.
  • The ability to make group conversations and voice calls had put WhatsApp on the list of apps to look out for, since then, Facebook has acquired WhatsApp for $19 Billion, additional privacy options have been made available and recently, WhatsApp has become free to use, permanently, no more annual subscriptions!

Installing WhatsApp

Now whether your smartphone is made by Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei or any local manufacturer in a small country, all you need to install WhatsApp is an internet connection. Simply access the Google Play store from your smartphone and search for WhatsApp, tap it and press the Install button.

Here’s a link directly to the WhatsApp page

You’ll be required to give your phone number for confirmation of identity, after doing so, you can run and use all the features that WhatsApp has at its disposal without any need for additional payments.

Installing WhatsApp manually

This is only required if you don’t have an internet connection, but keep in mind that if you lack an internet connection then you won’t be able to use WhatsApp in the first place.

You’ll need to get the APK file from someone who already has the app installed or you can search for it via the internet, however keep in mind that this method is not recommended since it puts your phone and privacy in danger, there are a lot of tutorials available for doing so but we recommend that you use the default method of obtaining WhatsApp through Google Play, the iTunes store or the Windows App Store.


WhatsApp is fully supported on most Android phones, the oldest Android version supported by WhatsApp is Android v2.1, Eclair, one of the oldest versions available, so old that it’s no longer in use except a very small minority.

This makes it possible to run WhatsApp on Samsung’s Galaxy S, the oldest flagship from the company’s current line of devices without any additional updates. Simply download the application from here.