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Latest Chrome for iOS Update Brings Improved Speed, Stability


Google has released a new version 48 of Chrome for iOS, adding that this update brings significant speeds to JavaScript execution as well as the much needed stability to the browser.

The new version was unveiled recently and according to the company, this app is faster and more stable than any of its predecessors.

Chrome 48 for iOS is the latest version of this web browser and in the company’s blog post, it claims that this release crashes up to 70% less when compared to the previous release. As far as the improved speeds of JavaScript execution are concerned, the company says that the users will notice improved responsiveness as well as better web compatibility.

A much welcomed change

Google recently switched its iOS rendering engines, bringing in the WKWebView engine in place of the older UIWebView engine – an engine that the search engine giant introduced in iOS 8. The changes in the performance as well as speed of the new version of Chrome for iPhones are highly associated with this change in rendering engines.

Using this new engine, it will not be possible for a single web view that crashes will not be able to crash down the entire Chrome on your iOS device, Google says. As a result, the overall crash rate of this web browser will be highly reduced. You will also enjoy much smoother scrolling as well as improved responsiveness when using the new Chrome 48 for iOS.

Another new feature that Google has unveiled alongside the new Chrome for iOS is a Data Saver extension for Chrome web browser. This data compression feature becomes handy for people who frequently access the internet using public Wi-Fi hotspots. What this extension does is that it cuts down on the data needs of your PC or device, which eventually makes spotty Wi-Fi signals kind of easier for the device to bear.

The newly released Chrome for iOS is now available for free download via the iTunes App Store. It also comes just about a week after the same version was rolled out for users of PCs.